Young Professionals for Community Transformation

portrait of Rick Smyre
Rick Smyre
portrait of Nicole Garzino
Nicole Garzino
portrait of Barbara Weathers
Barbara Weathers
portrait of John D. Enamait
John D. Enamait

Rick Smyre is president, Center for Communities of the Future, Gastonia, North Carolina, USA

Nicole Garzino is executive director, of the Center for Photographic Art, Carmel, California. As a consultant, Ms. Garzino leads transformative planning and program management for nonprofits, with a special emphasis in cultural organizations, creative projects, and grassroots start-ups, Salinas, California, USA

Barbara Weathers has over 15 years of experience in higher education as both an administrator and professor at private, public, for-profit, and nonprofit institutions. While at Graceland University, she created the Institute for Professional Development, which worked on innovative models for curriculum development. She is vice president, Education and Community Development at B2i Ventures; director, National Young Professionals Network at Center for Communities of the Future, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

John D. Enamait has more than ten years of experience in the North Carolina Community College System. Starting his community college career as a faculty member in information systems, he now serves as dean of the School of Business, Industry, and Technology at Catawba Valley Community College, Hickory, North Carolina, Hudson, North Carolina, USA

We live in a time of true transformation where older local leadership struggles to understand that traditional experience and traditional knowledge no longer provide the templates and skills necessary to prepare for a world that is in constant change. It is becoming more and more evident that young leaders are needed to help local communities prepare for a different kind of future. With this in mind, the World Future Society, in collaboration with the Center for Communities of the Future, are pleased to announce the creation of a self-organizing national network of young professionals under 45 who are developing the knowledge and skills of “comprehensive community transformation." The intent of this network is to build “capacities for transformation" and to create interlocking networks of young professionals who have skills and understanding to utilize “futures thinking and transformational action” to prepare local areas for a different kind of future that is increasingly fast-paced, interconnected and complex.


The audience will leave this session with an understanding of:

  • The use of the ideas of “comprehensive community transformation” to insure healthy communities in the future,
  • How interlocking networks of people, ideas and processes can be designed and implemented effectively.
  • How to utilize systemic thinking and action for the future vitality and sustainability of communities.