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July 27-29, 2012 • Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel

Preconference Courses: July 26-27, 2012 • Professional Members’ Forum: July 30, 2012

Technology and Ideology: Its Effects and the Future

portrait of Sasha Grujicic
portrait of Sasha Grujicic

Sasha Grujicic is a media, marketing, and technology executive working with Fortune 500 companies (Toyota, adidas, Diageo, Citi Bank, Disney, Target, etc.) to understand media, technology, and their inherent connections to their businesses. He has actively developed product, service, marketing, and sales solutions for his clients based in London, New York, Paris, Boston, and Toronto since 2004. He is a writer, speaker, and technology evangelist, contributing to many publications, Toronto, Canada

This session will look at the role of technology on ideology as not only an accelerant but also the instigator of a new ideology born out of the creation of the Internet. Drawing in elements of psychology, emergence, philosophy, networks, economics, and politics, the talk will look at the intersections and influence of each in the fracturing of society as we see it currently.


Participants will leave this session with an understanding of:

  • How the application of technology accelerates ideologies and creates new ones, and the considerations we need to make in implementing everything from technology design to policy making to business plan generation (and models).
  • The recent Occupy Movements and the SOPA/PIPA debate as new instances of ideological divide.