Which Requires More Faith: Science or Religion?

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In an era where the science vs. religion debate has become an increasingly polarizing issue, we see both sides using their own brand of logic as the weapon of choice to gain what they assume will be the higher moral ground.

The Future of War Post-Crimea

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Today, in the era of the War on Terror, we no longer pit armies against armies in front line battlefield confrontations like the ones that characterized past wars.

Could Technology Mean the End of Romance?

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A recent Pew poll found that a quarter of Americans in serious relationships say that their significant other is sometimes "distracted" by cell phone use when they’re together. That number rises to 42% among young adults (18-29 years old) who are in relationships.

Dear Mac, Happy Birthday! Thanks for Making Me Who I Am

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The Mac turned 30 today. I'm also 30 in March. I was born in the year of the Mac so I feel like I should write a little bit about my experience and involvement with this revolutionary machine.

Water Futures: An Islamic Perspective

Water has immense spiritual importance to Muslims; it is a symbol of purity and cleanliness. The progressive ideals of Islam may therefore offer alternative solutions for future water resource management. Using the futurist technique of Causal Layered Analysis, a climate-change researcher explores the trends and potential futures of freshwater availability and usage in the Muslim world.

Obituary: French Futurist Bernard Cazes

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By Jacques G. Richardson
Bernard Cazes, aged 86 and one of Europe’s most experiened futurists, died November 21 by his own hand. Economist and philosopher, Cazes served for many years as director of long-range planning at the French General Planning Commissariat, the high-level think-tank established by General de Gaulle when he was the country’s president.

Peter Thiel Against Hollywood Against "The Future"


According to The Hollywood Reporter, celebrity tech CEO Peter Thiel is upset that movies like The Matrix and Avatar make technological innovation seem "destructive and dysfunctional."

A New American Dream?

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The American dream seems to be changing. It's been classically defined by upward mobility, and possessions including a house and a car, all in service of family. Now, every aspect of that model seems to be shifting, as Americans change what they want to achieve, and why, and what they want to possess.

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Do Male Scientists Cheat More than Females?

Fraud that results in the retraction of published research occurs at all points in scientific careers, from trainee to tenured faculty. Overall, males commit 65% of these frauds, according to research by Arturo Casadevall, Yeshiva University professor of medicine.

Credit Banks, Testing Centers, and Micro-Credits: Missing Elements of a Future Education System

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Over the coming years we will be seeing a mass disassembling of traditional schools, with pieces reassembling around some new system architecture. Some of the missing elements are testing centers, micro-credits, and credit banks. Here is a brief overview of how and why this transition is about to occur.

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