“I began to see the future not as a totally impenetrable realm about which we can know absolutely nothing, but rather as an exciting frontier, offering enormous possibilities but also extraordinary dangers. We cannot possibly know everything that lies ahead, but with effort we can glimpse the possibilities of our future. This weak but incredibly valuable knowledge is critically important if we are to make wise decisions,” -- Edward Cornish, Founder of the World Future Society.

The World Future Society has strived over the years to be a neutral clearinghouse of ideas on the future. Key to the practice of foresight, key to mitigating uncertainty and making wise decisions in times of great change is the willingness to engage the unknown with purpose, courage, and imagination. In this section, we invite you to play futurist and explore the ideas that lie at the heart of futurism.

Dictionary of Foresight: Get a handle on the nomenclature of the practice of futurism and sound like a futurist.

Interviews: Read exclusive interviews with change-leaders, public policy experts, and visionaries such as MIT robotics expert and iRobot founder Rodney Brooks, Congressman Dennis Kucinich, former Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich, former CIA director James Woolsey, tech guru Tim O’Reilly and dozens more.

Methodology: Explore futurist methodology and get some foresight in your life!

Polls: See how Society members poll on a number of topics.

Forecasts: Scan more than 300 forecasts for the next ten, twenty, and thirty years originally published in THE FUTURIST magazine.

Visions: read stories and scenarios that explore what our future might be like in this section highlighting writing from THE FUTURIST magazine.

Forums: Contribute to the forums section to dialogue about the future with other World Future Society members from around the world.