Stephen Aguilar-Millan

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Stephen Aguilar-Millan is the director of research at the The European Futures Observatory and the longtime director of the The Greenways Partnership.

Stephen’s main focus is to identify future business trends and to assist clients in becoming future ready. His areas of specialization include financial futures, strategic futures, and the future of the organization, geopolitical futures and globalization, and how they apply at an individual level.

Current areas of analysis and focus:
* The New Normal - How The Financial Crisis Has Changed The World
* Googlversity - Education Of The Future
* Using Simulations To Achieve Our Preferred Future
* The Post Scarcity World 2050-2075
* The Second Scramble for Africa 2005-2030
* Future Hotspots - Geopolitical Turbulence In The Near Future

Some of Stephen’s previous research projects have delved into such subjects as:
* Using Future Studies To Assess Organizational Risk - an examination of how we can use futures to identify and minimize risk.
* A demographic review of the County of Suffolk in the UK, with projections as to how that population might change in the years to 2020.
* A survey of the small business population in Suffolk, resulting in the production of a Spiral Profile of the small business community.
* Small business adviser to the MPC at the Bank of England.
* The Globalization Of Crime - Looking at how organized crimninal networks have adopted the architecture of globalization.
*America 2025 Project - Looking at the grand strategic futures for US Foreign Policy out to 2025.
*Suffolk Small Business Scenarios to 2020 - Looking at possible futures for small business in the English county of Suffolk in the years to 2020.
* The European Way Of War 2005-2020 - Looking at how a Common Defence Policy might evolve to 2020.
* Oil And The New World Order 2006-2016 - Looking at how the possible onset of Peak Oil might affect the world order.