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Notice: Future Survey to cease publication

Future Survey Editor Michael Marien Receives World Future Society Distinguished Service Award

Michael Marien, long-time editor of Future Survey, received a distinguished service award from World Future Society President Tim Mack during the closing session of WorldFuture 2008 in Washington, D.C., July 28. Marien served as editor of the Future Survey newsletter since 1979. He retired at the end of 2008. Future Survey and the World Future Society's Futures Research Quarterly will be incorporated into a new peer reviewed journal titled World Future Review available to professional and comprehensive members of The World Future Society. Back issues of Future Survey can be obtained from Jeff Cornish.

In his acceptance speech at the Hilton Washington, Marien thanked World Future Society founder Ed Cornish, for “allowing me complete freedom” in creating and editing Future Survey, an experience he described as “thirty years of unsupervised play.”

 Future Survey has received accolades from such writers as Washington Post columnist Joel Garreau and Kevin Kelly, former editor at Wired magazine. In 2005, Kelly declared on his Web site, Cool Tools, “Michael Marien summaries the current crop of future-oriented books and articles. Because he seems to read and see EVERYTHING published in the realm of the Next, no matter how obscure or academic, his comparative evaluations of books are astoundingly useful. Each issue I usually discover one or two great works of forecasting I had not known about. But more importantly, Future Survey extracts the key ideas from piles of mediocre books -- books I no longer have to bother with. Marien synthesizes these reviews into emerging notions, which then become indispensable for tracking mega trends, not mere fashions and fads. Marien has been doing this for 20 years, and his database of 5,000 reviews (available online) is as good a history of the future as we have. For his almost single-handed crusade to tame the uncertainty of what-is-coming, Marien should get a medal.”

 A YouTube video of Marien’s acceptance speech is available here: