September-October 2008

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Cover Story:

Science Fiction vs. Reality

Where's the future we were promised? We look at the real science of skycars, teleportation, ocean habitation, and artificial intelligence; and we'll introduce you to the engineers, entrepreneurs, inventors, and visionaries turning science fiction into reality. PDF available

In the Future, the Best Will Be Better Than Perfect: The New Biology Paradigm

By Arnold Brown
Perfection ain’t what it used to be. As the twenty-first century moves toward its second decade, the search for perfection that characterized the twentieth century is fading away. In its place is a burgeoning concept—functionality.PDF available.

Global Trends in Culture, Infrastructure, and Values

By Andy Hines Part II
In the second installment of a two-part series, a professional futurist looks at the big trends in culture, values, media and infrastructure that will shape the world in the next decade
PDF available.

Part I From July-August 2008

Consumer Trends in Three Different "Worlds"

By Andy Hines
In the first of a two-part series, a professional futurist looks at the big trends in demography, money, and consumerism that will shape the world in the next decade. PDF available.

Why Are You Here?

The World Future Society asked its members to describe their experiences in realizing the importance of taking an active interest in the future. Here are a few of their responses.

Disrupting the Automobile’s Future

By Thomas J. Frey
With Kenneth W. Harris

The rise of the global middle class, natural limitations, and radical innovation will define automobile transportation in the years ahead.
PDF Available.

Sanitation in the Third World
The search for sustainable solutions
Dust Storms and Hurricanes
Dust, it turns out, is bad for hurricanes.
Nepal Reinvents Itself
Himalayan nation gets training in the rule of law.
Beating the Cyberbullies
Targets of taunting need help turning the tables on tormentors.


Eat Right For a Healthy Brain

A study shows why losing weight could save you from brain damage.

Majoring In the Unusual
“Out of the box” college programs for Generation Y.


When Avatars Come Out to Play

Review by Rick Docksai

Three Forces Shaping Our Future
Review by Aaron M. Cohen