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Questions about the World Future Society, our events, publications, forecasts, and about the future in general should be addressed to Amy Zalman at or call 301-656-8274. Thank you for your interest.

About the World Future Society

The World Future Society is an association of people interested in how social and technological developments are shaping the future. It endeavors to help individuals, organizations, and communities see, understand, and respond appropriately and effectively to change. Through media, meetings, and dialogue among its members, it raises awareness of change and encourages development of creative solutions. The Society takes no official position on what the future will or should be like. Instead it acts as a neutral forum for exploring possible, probable, and preferable futures.

Founded in 1966 as a nonprofit educational and scientific organization in Washington, D.C., the Society has members in more than eighty countries around the world. Individuals and groups from all nations are eligible to join the Society and participate in its programs and activities.

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