Unexpected Consequence of More Opportunities

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America appears to have reached the Singles' Singularity—and one of the reasons may be the proliferation of dating sites. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 50.2% of the adult U.S. population are unmarried, up from 22% in 1950.

Ebola Continues Its Deadly March Through West Africa

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The number of cases reported is well over 4,300 now, with more than 2,300 having succumbed to the virus. Liberia has reported 2,046 cases with 1,224 deaths as of yesterday. If things continue, this situation may lead to the collapse of the nation.

Koans for Futurists

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What is harder than finding the right answers? Asking the right questions.

In Zen Buddhism, a koan is a short story or question that is simply worth meditating on.  There might not necessarily be a single good answer, but the process of contemplating the question itself is a worthwhile pursuit that may lead to sudden insights or enlightenment.

Lady Luck Revisited — A Case Study from Turkmenistan with Implications for Boris Johnson

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It's thought that the word “luck” entered the English language as a gambling term. And now a poker player and air traffic controller called Arif Gasanov, who lives in sunny Ashgabat, in Turkmenistan, believes he’s identified an underlying pattern in the way chance, or luck, actually operates.

Possible Biomedical Breakthroughs - Ebola, Dengue, & Alzheimer's

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If there is one field in science and technology that is seeing demonstrable advances in the last two decades, it is biomedicine. The unlocking of the genome and advances in immunology are leading to the invention of new treatment protocols and the development of new drug therapies.

Ending Global Malnutrition

Rising incomes and improved diets around the world could mean a dramatic 84% drop in malnutrition by 2050, but much will depend on agricultural productivity and adaptation to climate change.

Unraveling the Alzheimer’s Mystery

Experimental treatments might stop the disease before it starts.

Sharing the Caring: Trends in Child Custody

As women and men achieve socioeconomic parity, more fathers are sharing child custody.

The Depopulation Time Bomb

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The future of nations is not written in the stars but in their demographics. In particular, a futurist can study national fertility rates, urbanisation trends and the age structure of population groups to get a picture of a country’s long-term future.

In the Biomedical World There is an Elephant in the Room Called Ebola

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The outbreak of Ebola in West Africa has implications for world health that cannot be ignored. The disease has killed more than 660 and infected almost 1,100 in four countries since March of this year and new cases are cropping up every day.

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