Canadian Provincial Premiers Decide on a National Energy Strategy that Includes Climate Change Action

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August 30, 2014 - In a rare display of unanimity Canada's provincial leaders at their annual conference have outlined a national energy strategy.

The Costs of Corruption

Government corruption costs U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars a year, and education programs typically end up shortchanged by compromised state budgets, charge Indiana University public policy researcher John Mikesell and colleagues.

Inequality as a Predictor of Civil War

As the gap grows between rich and poor, so do the chances for violent conflicts.

Arctic Ocean Making Waves and So is the IMF About Climate Change

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Two stories this week on climate change caught my eye. The first was a report on ocean waves in the Arctic. When you think of the Arctic Ocean you think of an endless stretch of sea ice with an occasional break. You envision polar bears roaming the ice surface. You don't think of big rolling breakers crashing into shorelines.

Who Will Play God in the Middle East? The Path to Long-Term Peace Is through Three Paradigm Shifts

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What happens in the Middle East reverberates across the world. There lie the roots and holiest historical places of the three monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. There lies the frontier between East and West. And much of the world’s remaining oil is found in this prized and disputed region.

What is the Greatest Threat to Humanity in the Next Few Decades?

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Over breakfast this morning I got into a debate with a friend about threats to humanity in the near future. I argued that anthropomorphic influence on the environment and climate represented the greatest threat in the 21st century.

Is Soft Power a Breakthrough?

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My TechCast Project has published breakthroughs for years, usually for emerging technologies. This is a "social breakthrough"—social trends that reach a critical tipping point that transforms society. Think of the Collapse of Communism, the Women's Movement, and the Tea Party.

A Former NHL Goaltender Asks Canadians To Look at Our Days Ahead

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It is my country's 147th birthday today. Yes, Canada as a confederation is now almost a century-and-a-half in age and as part of that celebration, the Toronto Star, one of Canada's premier newspapers, asked Ken Dryden, goaltender, Member of Parliament, Cabinet Minister, lawyer, professor, and overall pretty bright guy to ask famous Canadians to talk about their hopes for Canada's future.

The Limits of ISIS Terrorism in the UK

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This is the 3rd article in my short series trying to figure out the level of terrorist danger ISIS poses in the UK, again comparing them with the IRA in the Northern Ireland "troubles." I don’t predict the level it will actually get to, which depends on too many factors, only the limits if everything goes their way.

Disrupting Government: Why Countries Will Soon Have to Compete for their Citizens

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With transportation systems growing more efficient, and intrusive technologies leaving many feeling hyper-exposed and alienated by their government, conditions are now ripe for a massive wave of governmental disruption where wealthy individuals choose to “vote with their feet,” and abandon their home country. Here’s why a massive shift is about to occur.

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