Joseph N. Pelton

By Joseph N. Pelton

The end of the space shuttle era marks a new beginning for the Space Age. A new generation of entrepreneurs are working with the world’s space agencies to bring down the costs of commercializing the high frontier. By the 2020s and beyond,we could see a historic expansion of human activity in space.

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Infrastructure in space

Tasha9503 has a design for a rocket that saves everyone money by lifting 6 satellite payloads and a 213 passenger landing craft each launch. Then, after detaching from the landing craft, 6 used rockets will be attached, cleaned, renovated and be use as infrastructure in space, resorts, HotelsInSpace, spaceships. Each spaceship includes 6 robotic arms, sleeping for 216 guests, 6 levels of artificial gravity, 6 ZeroGravity sections, 6 restaurants, 6 game and sports sections, lots of lounging areas and 6 gardens to feed a crew of 12 who pass the moon. Search Tasha9503. Tasha9503 is unfunded and so will sell 85% of every spaceship we build with time and profit shares.