Reprints/Permissions Information

The permissions department of the World Future Society handles all requests for reproducing materials that originally appeared in THE FUTURIST, Future Survey, Futures Research Quarterly, World Future Society Bulletin, or any Society-published books. World Future Review is now published by Sage Publications.

The Society participates with the Copyright Clearance Center. You may clear your use there.

Or if you prefer to work directly with us, please send us a formal request that includes the title of the piece, the issue in which it appeared, whether it will be used for nonprofit or for-profit purposes, and how many copies will be made. In the case of excerpting from a Society-published book, please include the title of the book, the copyright date, and the title of the chapter or selection, as well as the nonprofit/for-profit data and number of copies.

Please label all permission requests as:
Attn: Permissions Editor
World Future Society
7910 Woodmont Avenue Suite 450
Bethesda, Maryland 20814

These requests can either be sent via regular mail, by fax to 301-951-0394, or via e-mail to