In the November-December 2012 (Vol. 46, No. 6) Issue of THE FUTURIST


Outlook 2013

Human actions could become more accurately predictable, thanks to neuroscience. Nano-sized robots will deliver cancer-fighting drugs directly to their targets. And though many recently lost jobs may never come back, people will find plenty to do (and get paid for) in the future.

These are just a few of the forecasts you’ll find in this latest edition of Outlook

Whatever Happened to Western Civilization? The Cultural Crisis, 20 Years Later

By Richard Eckersley

In 1993, THE FUTURIST published author Richard Eckersley’s provocative essay, “The West’s Deepening Cultural Crisis.” Here, he looks back at what has happened since, and forward to what the next 20 years might hold.

In Search of the Better Angels of Our Future

By Kenneth B. Taylor

The ideologies that once guided us through political and economic conflicts— such as communism versus capitalism—have little relevance to cultures that face new, technologically driven conflicts over the very meaning of humanity. As we relentlessly pursue paradigm-altering technologies, we will need a new set of guidelines for understanding who we are and where we are heading.

Who Will Be Free? The Battles for Human Rights to 2050


By Josh Calder

As geopolitical power around the world shifts, so will the global consensus on human rights. There are challenges ahead, but the expansion of affluence, education, and digital technology may lead to a freer and more humane world in the long run.

The Global Talent Chase: China, India, and U.S. Vie for Skilled Workers

portrait of Edward E. Gordon

By Edward E. Gordon

Too many tech jobs and not enough tech professionals to fill them—China, India, and the United States all face this dilemma. Here is what each economic powerhouse is—and should be—doing to ease its workforce gap, and a look at a successful strategy known as Regional Talent Innovation Networks, or RETAINS.

Dream, Design, Develop, Deliver: From Great Ideas to Better Outcomes

portrait of Rick Docksai

By Rick Docksai

A better future doesn’t happen on its own. We create it with our ideas, plans, and actions.

Innovate or Else

By Rick Docksai

At WorldFuture 2012, consultant Jim Harris warns about being blindsided.


Owning Our Future: The Emerging Ownership Revolution

In Owning Our Future, business ethicist Marjorie Kelly envisions commerce that makes human well-being, not wealth, its goal.


Tomorrow in Brief

  • Threats to Biodiversity in Protected Forests
  • Sapphire Optics
  • Acoustic Tweezers
  • Amish Boom
  • WordBuzz: Connectome

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