In the January-February 2014 (Vol. 48, No. 1) Issue of THE FUTURIST


Water Futures: An Islamic Perspective

Water has immense spiritual importance to Muslims; it is a symbol of purity and cleanliness. The progressive ideals of Islam may therefore offer alternative solutions for future water resource management. Using the futurist technique of Causal Layered Analysis, a climate-change researcher explores the trends and potential futures of freshwater availability and usage in the Muslim world.

Causal Layered Analysis Defined

Complexity requires us to examine futures-related issues from many angles and at multiple levels.

When the Economy Transcends Humanity

What will our economy, workplaces, and society look like when we can copy our brains and build virtual workers to do our jobs? An economist looks at the next great era, a world dominated by robots.

The Best Predictions of 2013

Forecasting the future is not the exclusive domain of futurists, so we looked at what experts in a wide variety of areas have had to say in the past year about what tomorrow may bring.

Privacy and the Surveillance Explosion

As surveillance technologies become more ubiquitous, are we using them for good or for evil? The answer is Yes. The president of the World Future Society offers an overview of who is watching us and why.

Riding the Power Jacket

Exoskeleton technology will one day help soldiers to carry more and the disabled to walk, but first it needs to break out of the garage.