Futures Education: Teaching and Learning about the Future



Futures Studies as it has evolved since the early 1970s is both a discipline and a meta-discipline. It is a set of skills and applied methodologies that can be learned—in impressively diverse ways—and it is a dynamic way of coming to understand the world that is practical and empowering. As Alvin Toffler wrote in 1974, “A focus on the future is relevant to all learners, regardless of age.”

For this special report, we called for essays from futurists who have experienced futures education, be it in a K-12 class project, a professional certificate program, a workshop, or a full degree program. We received an overwhelming response from students, educators, and several people who have been on both sides of the learning and teaching experience.

We hope readers will continue to share their experiences with us—and with tomorrow’s futures learners.



Futures education is the term

Futures education is the term used internationally to describe a form of education which helps students think more critically and creatively about the future.Pass4sure 200-120

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Students involved in Future

Students involved in Future Problem Solving for the 2014-15 school year will research, analyze, and apply the six-step problem solving model to the following topics:

The Impact of Social Media
Processed Foods
Enhancing Human Potential

For more information on getting involved: www.fpspi.org or email april@fpspi.org


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