Futuring: The Exploration of the Future

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Futuring: The Exploration of the Future

by Edward Cornish. WFS. 2004. 313 pages. Paperback. ISBN 0-930242-61-0.

This comprehensive guide to the study of the future will give you a detailed look at the techniques futurists use, what we can know about the future and what we can't, and the role that forward-looking people can play in creating a better tomorrow. Used as a textbook for dozens of college courses! More information about Futuring.

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Building the Future: A Workbook to Accompany Futuring: The Exploration of the Future

by Jill Loukides and Lawrie Gardner
Anne Arundel Community College.
Preface by Arthur Shostak
WFS. 2006. 94 pages. Paperback. ISBN 0-930242-62-9.

Futurist educators Loukides and Gardner have developed this thought-inspiring workbook to guide students through the key lessons of Edward Cornish's text, Futuring.

For each of the text's 16 chapters—which cover supertrends, the nature of change, futuring methods, uses of scenarios, the origins and rise of futurism, and much more—the workbook queries students on their prior knowledge and learning objectives; provides an outline, summary, and key terms; and prompts learners to evaluate their new knowledge about the future through critical thinking questions, activities, and self-study questions.

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Dictionary of Futurist Terms

Brief Descriptions Futurist Methods

Editorial Reviews

To produce optimum results, formulating plans and making decisions (essential for organizations as well as individuals) must reflect insights into the future. But what is the future? Cornish (president, World Future Society: offers an organized and realistic approach to evaluating the future. The author does not suggest that the future can be known with certainty, but he notes that even partial insights into the future can be useful in determining the course of forthcoming developments. Cornish provides strong arguments for futuring as a means of making the most of what is to come. He contends that organizations and individuals can exercise control over future events. A basis for evaluating risk, inevitable in any analysis of what is to come, is also considered. This clearly written book is free of technicalities; therefore, it can expand the outlook, as well as encourage a proactive interest in the future, for a broad spectrum of readers. A good complement of this excellent book would be a forecasting text such as Spyros Makridakis, Steven Wheelwright, and Rob Hyndman, Forecasting: Methods and Applications (3rd ed., 1998), to implement such areas covered broadly in the Cornish work, e.g., trend analysis and extrapolation. Extensive source notes; comprehensive bibliography. Summing Up: Highly recommended. All collections. —Review by W.C. Struning, emeritus, Seton Hall University CHOICE

"My Picks of the Month. The importance of getting a handle on the future, particularly each of our own personal futures is the subject of Futuring: The Exploration of the future by Edward Cornish ... Those who enjoy personal success in life are just as often those who have peered into the future and made good decisions for themselves. This book offers a guide to how anyone can do this, while exploring many of the trends that are shaping the future... Each of its chapters provides useful information about how to understand and take advantage of change and how to understand how the past affects it. I'd recommend this book to anyone who is serious about their life and how it will play out in the future."
Book Views (U.S.) Review by Alan Caruba

... A new book by Edward Cornish, Futuring: The Exploration of the Future, has a section on the "Follies of forecasters" in which he lists various bad calls that ...
Toronto Globe and Mail

"An engrossing and important book...Read it. It could change your future."
The Futurist

"Cornish...makes a forceful case for future-oriented thinking or 'futuring' in this interesting book."
Huntsville Times

"An ideal text for students and any friend you want to interest in futuring."
Future Times (New Zealand)

"An exciting book, that most agreeably combines readability and practicality with the best American scientific tradition."
Pro Zukunft (Austria) 

Translations of Futuring: The Exploration of the Future


ISBN: 978-9953-87-031-1
Translated by Dr. Hasan Charif
Published by Arab Scientific Publishing in Lebanon, Beirut.


ISBN: 89-89797-31-4
Published by Wisdom Publishing in Seoul with the help of Youngsook Park and the Korea Chapter of the World Future Society.


Translated and Published by Manlaibaatar Zagdbazar and the Mongolian Future Society in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

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