Why women will Rule the Planet

Women vs. Men or Why Women will Rule the Planet!
By John C. Harman, Kinesiology
OMG I am a man! Guys please don’t hate me! LOL

Statistics and trends are the fodder for Scientists such as me to speculate about the future. Statistics are specific or generalized facts gathered from data. Trends can and do change. The list of resources at the bottom will show statistics and trends.

The first question arising from the premise stated in the title of this article that I have received from others is in regard to the word “Rule”. Many people have stated to me why do people need to “Rule”, be they men or women. My answer is that people do rule others. I would refer you to Desmond Morris’s works and other modern social scientists.
The second common question is in regard to “needs”. Many women and men have commented to me that men will always need women and vice versa. My answer to that statement is the question, “Do you feel better being needy or independent?”

There are two basic forms of culture, patriarchal and matriarchal, the trends in many patriarchal cultures is evolving towards matriarchal. The reason for this is that the modern western concept of “equality” for men and women is spreading via information technology at an increasing pace. Though statistics do not show that “Equality” for women has been achieved in the United States and other western countries they do show that there is a trend towards equality and that the ideology of equality is taking hold in even the most abusive cultures. Democracy and capitalism is also spreading and the premise of capitalism is to create goods, services and open markets. This requires workers on all levels. Societies that hold back women will be left behind if women are not allowed full and equal access to education, politics and jobs.

The problem of equality for women in western society is that we are entering a stage where equality requires more detailed definitions of equality for the various aspects of society. The medical community is seeing the results of equality in sports, military, and other aspects of society requiring physical endeavors by women. The results are becoming alarming in regards to physical injuries. Yes, men and women are different physiologically. This is well known by the scientific community but not taken into account as often as it should be by legislative entities. This will change in the future and we will see steady progress towards new definitions of equality.

The way we predict the future is by observing the facts, trends, current technologies and then predicting possible outcomes. Time frames, implementation of methodologies, and various environmental factors are not facts because they have yet to occur. Predictability is within science but not of science. A majority of humans still believe they have “psychic” abilities and who is to say they do not. Science as revealed that women tend to possess these abilities more than men, but that is a generality because of the fact that we can only sample modern people.

Babies can now be grown “in vitro”, artificial wombs exist and this is going to pose a moral question for humanity. The trend will continue and science will advance making this procedure less expensive where it is legal. Laws will vary worldwide. Hitler’s ideology of the perfect race is now medically feasible. Women can now choose the gender of their child. Religions that dictate individual issues regarding the choice of partner, child, and body will decline as education advances. These religions and cultural mores will have to adopt their ideologies to protect and advance women. How quickly and with what resistance we cannot predict. When the Pope is a woman, I will agree there has been some change.

War is heading towards “Humanitarian Protection” as seen in the first effort by Nato in regards to Libya. Technology is also making war less deadly to the human. What this means is that more and more women will have positions in militaries. I would personally interpret that as a good sign for humanity because women are less aggressive than men unless of course controlled by men. War will become obsolete. We will not enter an era of “World Peace” but an era of “Humanitarian War” and “Humanitarian” must include women and children therefore the overthrowing of autocrats and dictators that do not allow equality will accelerate.

The acceleration of education will benefit all of humanity but in the balance of equality for women it will dramatically push the scale in favor or women. As “labor” becomes more and more done by advanced technical machines the need for the male prowess will diminish. An example is the rice we ship from Northern California never touches the human hand and there are many more. Education will also empower women to “demand respect” once the concept of “equality” is defined in a way that is physiologically more clear for both men and women. By “demand respect” women will feel empowered to more clearly take roles in leadership on all levels of society.

The bond of male and female humans may never end even after the day we have to send frozen embryos as a means of spreading our species to other planets (that is a pure speculation!) or it may end due to the fact that we may kill our planet. Either way if we are to develop a balanced and focused “World View” that allows us to have a peaceful and environmentally balanced planet women will have to step to the forefront and lead the way. Choice, compromise, and understanding the various elements of what we humans call intelligence are critical factors. Women much more than men believe in peace and compromise. Emotional intelligence, self-control and self-awareness are traits predominated by women due to their evolutionary role as mother.

What are your views?

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Women to rule?

As gender roles fall away our "rulers" will come from those with the will, desire, personality etc. for the job. The gender roles of the past, based on physiology (women bear and care for the young) are being replaced, the characteristics of leadership remain the same.