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Our formal education system was designed to meet the needs of the Industrial Revolution. This system is not meeting the needs of a globalized, hyper-connected society that continues to evolve.
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by Ben Gray
A hopeful and inspiring Web home for profound questions and lively discussion about our relationship with people not yet born.
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by 1611841
Welcome to the Futures Learning Section home page. The Futures Learning Section is an emerging group committed to all forms of futures learning from traditional academic learning at all levels to profit and non-profit organizational futures training and beyond.
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by 1604447
Online conversations with presenters at the Society's annual conference in Vancouver July 8-10, 2011.
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by 1609852
Explores how life may look in the future as information technology changes our world. Several archived entries can be found here.
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by Princeton Unive...
Individuals professionally involved in futures work are invited to submit essays describing their work or experiences in applying futures principles to their professional activities.
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offers ideas and proposals resolving the complex issues facing the world today and in the near-term future. We welcome your participation.
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by fvw
Presents a wide range of proposals for improving life in the future. Give your feedback on these ideas. Several archived entries are available here
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by nick77828
Includes essays on "preferred futuring" and on the relationship between utopian thinking and the study of the future. Several archived entries can be found here
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by Patrick Tucker
A place to share ideas, problems, and updates about the new site.
4 23 2 years 24 weeks ago
by Morgan Xiang
We're looking for stories about how the study of the future, membership in the Society, or participation at a conference made a difference. In short, why are you here, thinking about the future? Why does the future matter? Tell us either a personal story or an anecdote out of the history of futuring that inspired you to take a deeper and more active interest in the future — a story to help others see the future with new eyes.
16 17 2 years 4 weeks ago
by 265975
British scholar Bruce Lloyd has collected quotes containing wisdom essential for humanity in the new millennium. You can submit your own quotes for possible posting.
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by Cynthia Wagner
An offering of fresh ideas and innovative approaches to the challenges we all face in the twenty-first century. Read two archived postings here
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by BIG E (not verified)