Dictionary of Foresight

The Dictionary of Foresight Project attempts to authoritatively define and explain terms used in exploring the future.

It begins with the glossary from Futuring: The Exploration of the Future. An international Board of Editors is currently being assemble from the Professional Membership of the World Future Society.

Your comments about terms and suggestions for additional terms are welcome.


suggesting new terms

Your Glossary could be further humanized,thus:

Dignifiers (people who act dignifyingly and who can help improve

relational dignity -- dignifying interpersonal relations especially

in educational contexts).Also add the term Communicative Dignity.To know

more about it,google the term.

Peace Linguistics (google the term). In the near future,futurists-to-

be will be given opportunities to incorporate principles and practices

of Peace Linguistics to their professional preparation

Dictionary Term: "Corruption"

Define "Corruption".
If you have difficulty, you are not alone. Most Faculty can not provide a useful definition of corruption and they quickly turn to Dictionaries and Encyclopedia and still fall short.

Two words define "corruption": "Illegal Allocation"

The people and corporation create laws to prevent unfair allocation of opportunities/resources for people and corporations in-general. However, there are laws created to illegally allocate public resources for unfair use.

Politicians routinely participate in back room negotiations to solicit support and other financial opportunities. The National Security Agency can monitor for these unethical dealings, but are blocked from disclosing such activities. Intentional weakening of national security.