U.S. Republican Presidential Candidates and Their Carbon Contribution

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July 2, 2015 - A mere two days before the United States celebrates its Independence Day, the Republicans now have 14 definite candidates and 2 to 6 probables who want to be the next President of the country. Of these one, although not a scientist, has stated that global warming is a human problem. That's Senator Lindsey Graham.

Should NASA's Earth Science Budget Come from Crowdfunding?

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May 4, 2015 - The current United States House Committee on Science and Technology would rather have NASA get out of the science business and just focus on technology for human missions to space. This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone considering the "I'm not a scientist" Senator Ted Cruz is at the helm.

Personal Space, Anonymity and Security in the 21st Century

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December 26, 2014 - A recent Pew Research poll, the results released in November, paint a disturbing picture about American concerns regarding the full implications of "big data." If unfamiliar with the term "big data" it refers to collections of data sets that can be mined and analyzed for patterns and trends providing insight into human behavior.

Science and Climate the Losers in American Midterm Elections

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November 5, 2014 - The American public voting in the midterm elections have rendered a verdict against science and against reducing carbon. They may have done this inadvertently edged on by fear, uncertainty and doubt from the propaganda spewing across the airwaves about a rising Islamic caliphate terror threat, and Ebola in America.

Canada's Federal Government Taken to Task by Environment Commissioner

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October 9, 2014 - Imagine being taken out to the wood shed for a paddling by a commissioner your government appointed as an environment watchdog. That's what happened this week in my country, Canada.

Inequality as a Predictor of Civil War

As the gap grows between rich and poor, so do the chances for violent conflicts.

What is the Greatest Threat to Humanity in the Next Few Decades?

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Over breakfast this morning I got into a debate with a friend about threats to humanity in the near future. I argued that anthropomorphic influence on the environment and climate represented the greatest threat in the 21st century.

A Former NHL Goaltender Asks Canadians To Look at Our Days Ahead

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It is my country's 147th birthday today. Yes, Canada as a confederation is now almost a century-and-a-half in age and as part of that celebration, the Toronto Star, one of Canada's premier newspapers, asked Ken Dryden, goaltender, Member of Parliament, Cabinet Minister, lawyer, professor, and overall pretty bright guy to ask famous Canadians to talk about their hopes for Canada's future.

Poll Indicates American Willingness to Bear the Cost of Climate Change

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It's only a poll, which is hardly an election, but a Bloomberg measure of American attitudes towards tackling climate change show a significant public opinion shift. It appears that 62% of Americans polled are prepared to pay more for energy if it means reducing carbon emissions. Only a third of Americans are not.

Political Polarization: Seek First to Understand

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America is now more politically polarized than at any point in the last 20 years. This isn’t just Congress – this is the American people. That polarization shows up in beliefs about politics, about everyday life, and even in where conservatives and liberals live. And it’s most intense in those who are the most politically engaged.

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