Is the US an Oligarchy? Not So Fast

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There’s a new study out which, press outlets are telling me, shows that the United States is now an oligarchy, ruled by the rich and powerful, and perhaps that the US has been sliding in this direction for decades.

Spectacular "Supersociety" Possible Thanks to Highly-Human Shift?

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An unprecedented global "supersociety" may be emerging -- in spite of resource depletion, pollution and conflict that seem to be driving us to dystopia.

This surprisingly positive prospect is the fruition of key developments that are now germinating and sending out their first tentative shoots. They all engage a vastly underutilized resource: the best that is in people.

Why is Admitting to the Reality of Climate Change So Difficult for Politicians and Large Corporations?

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"It requires more than technology or financial resources. It demands that we switch from a world where short term economic gains are the strongest driver of individual and collective choices, to a world were future risks—natural or economic—weigh significantly on contemporary decisions."

Scottish Independence

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Some Scots want independence and their leader Salmond promises that he will deliver a land of milk and honey. I wrote a few months on some reasons I don’t think they should go their own way.

Society and Politics Today: The Empowerment of Individuals and Social Groups

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March 10, 2014 - It strikes me today that the cynicism that accompanies our political discourse is a symptom of a growing disconnect between those who govern and those who are governed. We are seeing evidence of this everywhere across the globe. And this is leading to the emergence of a sovereign citizen movement.

Tackling Climate Change Incrementally

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December 16, 2013 - By now if you are a regular reader you know I write a lot about climate change. I talk about how we need to curb carbon emissions. I talk about the lack of success with carbon sequestration. I talk about energy companies who in the future will have to alter their balance sheets to show unburnable assets.

EGO versus ECO, Happiness versus Growth: Changing the Human Paradigm

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December 12, 2013 - Some food for thought before the arrival of Christmas 2013 and the developing of resolutions for the coming year 2014.

What is in our near future? What I hope and what I think are two different things. As a result I ask and suggest some answers to these three questions:

The Future of Democracy in the 21st Century

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November 14, 2013 - Those of us living in democracies on this planet are confronted with the clashing of two realities. The first is our laws that provide us with personal safeguards to preserve our individual freedom. The second is our technological reach through global telecommunications with our personal digital presence everywhere.

Is North Korea Ripe for Another Round of Provocation and Mistrust? History Provides a Clue

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In the past, every time North Korea sets off a nuclear bomb or launches a missile into orbit, the event is preceded by a number of things occurring in North Korea, in the region, and in the international community. What are those things? Is it possible to somehow register them and then look at present day activity to see if the same or similar things are occurring? And if they are, would that not be a pretty good indication that North Korea will, soon, once again light the fuse on one of its nuclear playthings?

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