Pull Marketing and New Product Launches

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My recent post about marketing futures resulted in a request for more detail on pull marketing’s use in the context of new product launches. How can a customer find out about new products if they aren’t being pushed?

The Shrinking Dominance of the Big Dogs in Tech

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"In 1981, the top ten technology companies represented 95% of the global IT market cap. Today, that share has fallen to 26% and the ratio continues to fall."

The Disruptive Nature of the Sharing Economy: Finding the Next Great Opportunities

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Many of us suffer from a sinister and often contagious disorder, something I call just-in-case disease. We own toolboxes full of tools, just in case we need to fix something. We have kitchens full of appliances just in case we want to prepare a meal. We have cars in our garages just in case we need to go somewhere. We even have closets full of clothes we know we’ll never wear just in case we get desperate.

Moment of Truth: Will “Immiseration” of the Working Class Spur Change?

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The fall of Communism left Capitalist nations feeling “triumphant,” yet America seems to be fulfilling the prophecy of Karl Marx by “immiserating” the working class.

Jeff Bezos of Amazon Holds Court with Drones and His Own Rocket Company

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December 5, 2013 - You have to admire Jeff Bezos for what my culture calls chutzpa. He has been in the headlines twice in the last week. First with a proposal to start shipping goods from Amazon to customers using drones. And second, successfully firing his new Blue Origin rocket engine at the Van Horn, Texas test facility. The latter simulated a suborbital mission.

Industrial Manufacturing Update: Ford Adopts Aggressive Water Management Strategy

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Ford Motor Company has set a water reduction target in its manufacturing and assembly line processes of 30% per vehicle by 2015. The application of this policy governs every aspect of production.

Coca-Cola Blurs the Line between Virtual and Real

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In this uplifting video from Coca-Cola (click here), consumers in India and Pakistan are treated to a free Coke, provided they interact with their neighbors using a virtual interface on a high-tech vending machine.

Wearable Computers - Ready for Action!

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Recent developments suggest that wearable computing may finally be gaining traction. Intel evangelist Manny Vara believes that comfortable and convenient wearable computers may be just two to five years away.

originally posted to the Trends & Foresight blog

The future is the connected company

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The future is all about connectedness. Dave Gray made that point clearly in his recent book "The connected company". Online and offline social networks are getting engrained more deeply into society. People are starting to grasp new opportunities of connectedness.

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