New Organizations Emerge to Provide Policy and Strategies for Climate Change Adaptation

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March 3, 2015 - The 21st century is creating a whole new area of expertise and a business opportunity for organizations both private and public focused on mitigating and combating climate change.  Here is a brief overview of a few of these. If you know of others please let me know and I will endeavour to write about the work they are doing in this most important field.

Two "Tony Starks" Join Forces with Google Investment in Space X

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January 21, 2015 - Larry Page and Elon Musk are both billionaires and believers in the benefits of disruptive technology. And both are fascinated with space travel.

Save your Business by Destroying it

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The military have long used “red teams” to test their battle strategies and defenses. Corporations have used this technique more recently to test IT infrastructure against cyber-attacks. But what if you created a team to figure out ways to put the entire company out of business? Would your leadership appreciate your ideas and move quickly to counter these potential threats, or would they toss the report, bury their heads, and maintain the status quo?

Fund Managers To Report on the Carbon Footprint of Portfolios

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In a recent issue of Globe and Mail, Canada's purported national newspaper, Janet McFarland wrote a piece on ethical investment describing the Montreal Carbon Pledge and the commitment being made by global funds to report the carbon pollution within their portfolios. Portfolio screening focused on environmental issues is a relatively new practice for fund managers. Carbon represents just one in a number of the risks being assessed. Water, land use, pollution, and waste are also measured against portfolios and policy decision making.

If Companies Lead on Climate Change, Will Governments Follow? Look at IKEA

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In an article appearing in the Midwest Energy News last week it was reported that IKEA was completing the building of a store in Merriam, a suburb of Kansas City, Kansas, that uses geothermal and solar energy for much of its heating and cooling needs. This the second store in the United States to install geothermal system technology. The first opened in 2011 at a 38,355 square meter (415,000 square foot) store in Denver, Colorado.

Multinational Corporation Says Pay Attention to Climate Change or Die

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Back at the beginning of May I wrote about Mars, the company, and its Sustainable-in-a-Generation program. Mars is not alone as evident from a recent series of speeches made by senior Unilever executives.

Divestment in Unburnable Assets Begins at Stanford University

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The Board of Trustees of Stanford University have decided that they will no longer include coal-mining companies in their endowment fund investments. The divestment from coal is a recognition of the impact this fossil fuel is currently having on rising levels of CO2 in the atmosphere and its correlation with global warming.

Some Companies Get Climate Change - Look At Mars

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The Mars referred to here is not the Red Planet but the company that is known for M&M's, Mars, Milky Way, Twix, Snickers and 3Musketeers, supplier of chocolate treats to consumers in 21 countries. The company has been expanding into petcare products, beverages and food brands. And it has committed itself to greener products by eliminating the use of suppliers providing non-sustainable ingredients. And now it going one better.

Pull Marketing and New Product Launches

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My recent post about marketing futures resulted in a request for more detail on pull marketing’s use in the context of new product launches. How can a customer find out about new products if they aren’t being pushed?

The Shrinking Dominance of the Big Dogs in Tech

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"In 1981, the top ten technology companies represented 95% of the global IT market cap. Today, that share has fallen to 26% and the ratio continues to fall."

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