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July 27-29, 2012 • Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel

Preconference Courses: July 26-27, 2012 • Professional Members’ Forum: July 30, 2012

Meet the Most Successful Entrepreneurs of the Next Ten Years

July 27-29, at the Sheraton Centre Toronto hotel

WorldFuture 2012 is more than a gathering of 1,000 futurists from around the world, more than an expo for cutting-edge startups, and more than an international media event. The annual conference of the World Future Society is also your chance to discover the most successful entrepreneurs of the next 10 years. These visionaries are in the midst of achieving major breakthroughs to transform the twenty-first century.

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Naveen Jain

Born in Uttar Pradesh, India, Naveen Jain founded InfoSpace and Intelius, becoming one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in the United States (as ranked by Forbes). His newest company, Moon Express, is seeking to create and land an exploratory robot on the Moon by 2013, the first step in harvesting minerals from the Moon and turning Earth's nearest neighbor into a valuable resource. "The Moon has never been explored from the perspective of an entrepreneur," says Jain. At WorldFuture 2012, he'll discuss how to use innovation and entrepreneurship to solve global grand challenges.

Geordie Rose

Canadian computer scientist Geordie Rose is the creator of the D-Wave One, the world's first commercial quantum computer—a breakthrough that will revolutionize the way computers are built and how they function. He holds a PhD in theoretical physics from the University of British Columbia, specializing in quantum effects in materials. Rose has just been named Canadian Innovator of the Year by the Canadian Innovation Exchange.

Alex Peake

Alex Peake at BetaLaunch 2011

(On the right is inventor Alex Peake. Photo by Aaron M. Cohen)

Alex Peake is the founder and CEO of Primer Labs, a startup that creates endless learning games to make all knowledge playable. His most recent creation, a game called Code Hero, teaches students how to program computers through a first-person shooter. He says that “ computer programming literacy is the gateway to science, technology, engineering and mathematics literacy. “ The gamification of education could fundamentally improve the way we learn over the next 10 years.

Tomorrow’s Next Big Start Up at Futurists: BetaLaunch

Futurists: BetaLaunch (or F:BL) is a technology petting zoo where engineers, designers and others can present their inventions to the 1,000 futurists expected to gather for the Society’s annual conference. The inaugural F:BL event in 2011, co-produced with 1x57 and sponsored by Disruptathon, was a huge success. “Futurists presented Bold Visions at the BetaLaunch expo in Vancouver“ said Eric Mack of BYTE, published by Information Week. F:BL was also covered in the Vancouver Sun, CBC Canada, MarketWatch, and Xinhua News, the largest news agency in the People's Republic of China.


(Futurists: BetaLaunch 2011, Photo Courtesy of Aaron M. Cohen)

At F:BL 2012, all inventors selected to present their inventions will receive a complimentary registration to the WorldFuture 2012 conference ($750 value). F:BL is a one of a kind opportunity to network with industry players like Lightspeed Ventures (among others to come). Learn more about Futurists: BetaLaunch at: or call 443-756-4205.

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-Patrick Tucker