2011 Top Ten 3. Search engines will soon include spoken results, not just text.

Television broadcasts and other recordings could be compiled and converted using programs developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis. As more people spend more time under the lenses of cameras and in the presence of microphones, and as more footage from those devices goes online, a spoken word crawler with semantic-search capability could allow someone with a smart phone to look up any recorded conversation between two people that's occurred anywhere a microphone was present as easily as any update posted to Facebook.
But don't worry. Because communications technologies make it easy to blurt out words you immediately regret, computer scientists at the University of Washington have created a way to put expiration dates on e-mail, chat messages, and Facebook postings. The system, dubbed Vanish, encrypts messages and spreads the data among different computers on file-sharing networks. As turnover occurs in the network, users take their portion of the encrypted key with them, rendering the message undecipherable.