Spectacular "Supersociety" Possible Thanks to Highly-Human Shift?

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An unprecedented global "supersociety" may be emerging -- in spite of resource depletion, pollution and conflict that seem to be driving us to dystopia.

This surprisingly positive prospect is the fruition of key developments that are now germinating and sending out their first tentative shoots. They all engage a vastly underutilized resource: the best that is in people.

Where is Flight MH370? Not in the Cloud

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If travelers can watch television in real-time, check email, and even save their work files to the cloud while in flight, why can't critical flight data be saved and continuously available using the same mechanism?

How Not to Lose an Airplane in Flight

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Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 would not have been lost if the International Air Transport Association (IATA) recommendations that came out of the report into the crash of Air France 447 over the South Atlantic in 2009 had been adopted.

The Future of War Post-Crimea

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Today, in the era of the War on Terror, we no longer pit armies against armies in front line battlefield confrontations like the ones that characterized past wars.

ZOOMING SOON: On Bitcoin's Heels, a Whole New Internet of Money?

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A whole new Internet seems to be forming. It's the Internet of Money, which promises to transform everything economic, just as the existing Internet has transformed communications.

The War on Science: Fighting Back!

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Seth MacFarlane, the multitasking comedian and creator of Family Guy, and other raunchy fare, happens also to be the driving force behind the new version of Carl Sagan's classic science show COSMOS, which will appear Sunday on Fox and simultaneously on other networks, hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson. I know a number of the writers and producers who have striven to create something stunning, vivid and updated for the 21st Century.

When Will My Car Fix Itself Using Wireless Uploads?

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February 21, 2014 - While here in Florida I have had two interesting events occur related to our van, a 2006 Mazda MPV.

Creating the God Globe

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In 1998, a column I wrote for The Futurist Magazine took issue with the state of computer displays. Viewing the vast and growing Internet through a little square box on our desk was, in my opinion, the equivalent of watching a baseball game through a knothole.

The Shrinking Dominance of the Big Dogs in Tech

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"In 1981, the top ten technology companies represented 95% of the global IT market cap. Today, that share has fallen to 26% and the ratio continues to fall."

Three Strikes and We're Out (of the Open Internet)

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Someone interviewing me for a magazine asked me what current technology tomorrow’s children would find obsolete. I almost answered "The Internet." Then I decided to think about that answer a little bit because it’s pretty scary. Then I decided it’s true.

Shortly, humans may find today’s wide open Internet as archaic as we now find phones that are wired to walls.

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