One of Canada's Biggest Banks Looks at the Economics of Weather Events

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The Toronto-Dominion Bank, currently vying for the number one position in Canada, and a growing player in the United States, issued on April 14 a special report, Natural Catastrophes: A Canadian Economic Perspective. The document doesn't directly talk about climate change but it is inferred throughout. Instead, it talks about "weather conditions" and their socioeconomic impact.

The Future of "Authenticity"

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I recently watched an interesting documentary on the evolution of the British coffee shop market. I then had an idea for a new chain that is so sharp it would scratch your display if I wrote it here, so I’ll keep that secret. The documentary left me with another thought: what’s so special about authentic?

Manufacturing with a Personal Touch: A review of Paul TInari's The JOOM Destiny

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Businesses down through the years have attained wealth and kept it by creating goods for their customers. But business this century will be less about the customers, and more about the customer. So argues Dr. Paul Tinari, innovator, visionary, lecturer and one of the founders of the company JOOM Inc.

Shhh! New Energy Breakthrough Is Quietly Powering Up

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Within a few short years we could see an energy explosion that changes everything. It promises to come years to decades sooner than conventional (hot) nuclear fusion. And it could be a lot cheaper, more scalable, and more transformative.

(But keep it to yourself. Most media people are.)

3-D Printing Keeps Growing

A booming sector could bring surprising new jobs. How about food and clothing architects?

Virtual Reality: Will It Stick This Time?

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I fear the current batch of virtual reality enthusiasts are repeating the same mistakes I made over twenty years ago.

ZOOMING SOON: On Bitcoin's Heels, a Whole New Internet of Money?

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A whole new Internet seems to be forming. It's the Internet of Money, which promises to transform everything economic, just as the existing Internet has transformed communications.

The Next Bold Step in Transportation: Personal Rapid Transit Systems

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Throughout history, speed has been synonymous with greatness. In sports, those who ran the fastest were heroes. In times of war, those with the fastest chariots, ships, planes, and weapons had a significant advantage. In the business world, a company’s competitive edge has typically been formed around speed – quickest delivery, fastest transaction times, or speed of information.

Rising Economic Inequality: Does it Matter?

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A new report from the Economic Policy Institute shows rising levels of income inequality in all fifty states. From 1979 to 2011, the top 1% saw their income rise 128.9%, while the bottom 99% saw their income increase by a mere 2.3%.

What’s Limiting the Impact of GMOs on Global Food Security?

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My friend Jon Foley, whom I have a great deal of respect for, has a piece up arguing that GMOs have failed to improve global food security because they fall into a trap of reductionist thinking.

With due respect to Jon, I see this a different way.

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