Learning and Education Sessions at the WorldFuture 2011 Conference

5.10.11 Leadership Expert Lance Secretan to Address World Future Society Meeting in Vancouver

Lance Secretan, award-winning columnist, Fortune 100 CEO, and author of such books as Inspire! What Great Leaders Do, will address the World Future Society's annual meeting in Vancouver this July.

Teaching Foresight and the Future: An Overview

What challenges face learning foresight and futuring? A panel of five contributors frame this and other questions faced in teaching futures. All panelists are authors from a recent issue of the Journal of Futures Studies.

The Future of eLearning

In the future, we will see a separation of content, coaching, and assessment in learning. This will be facilitated, among other things, by the rapid development of eLearning tools that can be personalized to the individual, the recognition that coaching is crucial to successful learning in the majority of individuals, and the widespread use of open content.

Rekindling Imagination in Education: An Imperative for the Future

This session addresses rekindling imagination within the K–Grey life-long learning education pipeline, a critical imperative to envision the future, and to create the knowledge to make these visions a reality through innovation in every sector and dimension of society.

Acquiring Complexipacity: The Universal Imperative of the 21st Century

There is a growing consensus among academics, policy makers, and business leaders that the decision-making environment is becoming increasingly complex.

Trans-Cultural Impacts on the Future

How will people in your part of the world live, work, and think in 2025? Which values, lifestyles, and structuring institutions will prevail? Will lifestyles be more complex or simpler? Which professions will be the most highly valued, and which personality types will best adapt? What culture-based hidden assumptions define the boxes in which you think and your notion of personal identity?

Education in the Postliterate Age: Get Ready, the Future’s Already Here!

A recent Harvard Magazine article entitled “Professor Video” declares, “Images now dominate a new style of teaching in which visual, audio, and interactive formats rule, often trumping words [textbooks and lectures] as the dominant means of communication. . . .

A Systems View of the Cultural Personality: A Mimetic Approach to a Better Future

A systems view of cultural personality will be explored in an attempt to find a mimetic approach to a better understanding of our future. A systems view—here referring to the basic structure of our existence—shows how memes get transmitted from parent to child and peer to peer, and then transferred between different generations and between people separate from the mother culture.

Creativity and Innovation for the 21st Century: From Theoretical Vision to Effective Action

Is there a set of core principles common to the creative process that cuts across biological, social, and technological evolution; the psychology of creativity; and philosophical and spiritual enlightenment and wisdom?

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