Fancy Yourself a Futurist? Submit a Proposal to Speak at the Next World Future Society Conference!

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WorldFuture 2013: Exploring the Next Horizon has been chosen as the theme for our next conference. We are seeking new ideas to help us explore the next horizon seriously and methodically, and to transform the way we live, work, and communicate across the world. Let us know how you are contributing to this progress. Submit a proposal to speak at WorldFuture 2013 before October 31st.

Below are the broad areas on which we’ll focus for the 2013 event. Session proposals need not be limited to this list, however, and we will provide an opportunity for individuals to suggest their own topics for inclusion.

  • Commerce (including economics, business, careers, the workplace, finance, trade, monetary policy, management entrepreneurship, investment, commodities, etc.)
  • Earth (including resources, environment, energy, food, water, species, habitats, cities, ecosystems, climate, etc.)
  • Humanity (including demographics, society, families, education and learning, health and well-being, aging, youth, culture, arts, values, religion, lifestyles, leisure, etc.)
  • Futuring (including foresight, futures studies, futurists and their ideas, methodologies, creativity, personal futures, strategic planning, scenarios, etc.)
  • Sci/Tech (including science, technology, engineering, R&D, medicine, inventions, exploration, etc.)
  • Governance (including world affairs, politics, laws, public policy, communities, globalism, security, war, peace, terrorism, crime, justice, etc.)

22nd Century Lectures
In addition to concurrent sessions, keynote and plenary addresses, workshops, and other conference programming, we will feature special “22nd Century Lectures” focusing on each of the above broad areas.


Poster Sessions
WorldFuture 2013 will introduce poster sessions. Presenters will have an opportunity to share research studies, a practical problem-solving effort, or an innovative idea with colleagues. Poster presentations provide other conference participants to quickly and easily become acquainted with your topic. An effective poster presentation highlights the main points or components of your topic. This is an informal opportunity for networking and exchanging innovative ideas. Detailed guidelines will be sent upon acceptance of your proposal. Submit a poster session proposal.

2013 Proposal Guidelines

The proposal selection process at WFS is very competitive. Each year, WFS receives more than 3 times the number of proposals as space is available. We want to help you be successful in your proposal, so please follow the guidelines below closely. First consideration is given to proposals that follow all the guidelines listed.

What We are Looking For
Session proposals for WorldFuture 2013: Exploring the Next Horizon. We are looking to provide attendees with practical ideas and solutions to the problems the future presents to them.

1. Entrants are REQUIRED to submit their proposal electronically via submission form posted on WFS Web site.
2. To be fair, everyone must submit a proposal via this process.
3. The submission deadline of October 31, 2012 is firm. Late submissions and incomplete submissions will be given last priority in the selection process.
4. To respond to unfolding world events, there will be a second call for one or two TIMELY world event sessions in the weeks prior to the opening of the conference. If you are not already selected to present for the conference, you are invited to submit a new idea based on these criteria.
5. To keep the program fresh and exciting, all programming is considered anew each year. It is unlikely that we will accept a repeat session, theme, or format from a previous year unless you can present a clear case for repeating the program.
6. Word Limits: Due to space constraints, we ask that you carefully adhere to word limits for your session description, session title, and personal biography. Proposals that fall outside of word limit requirements will be given LAST priority. Word limits are as follows:

• Session Proposal – 150 words
• Session Title – 7 words
• Speaker bio – 15 words

7. You may submit up to three session proposals for the conference.
8. Each speaker can only present one solo presentation and serve as a panel member for another, for a MAXIMUM of two conference presentations.
9. Speakers receive a reduced registration rate of $395 if you register by April 30, 2013, after that date the speaker registration will be $445. Because all costs for the conference are based on full registration at the conference hotel, we ask that you register at the Hilton Chicago in order to receive this registration rate. A second registration fee of $445 is available to speakers who wish to stay outside of the conference hotel. (An exception to this guideline is for speakers who live within 40 miles of the conference hotel.)
10. Individual speaker sessions will be 60 minutes. Panel discussions will be 90 minutes. Each panel can have a MAXIMUM of three participants plus a moderator. Submit a Proposal


Where is it? When is it? Will

Where is it?
When is it?
Will you reimburse travel expenses and stay?

Hi Khannea

WorldFuture 2013 takes place:

July 19-21, 2013
Hilton Chicago Hotel
Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

I'm afraid, as a nonprofit, we don't cover travel expenses. But when you donate to the Susan Echard memorial fund you help support the attendance of worthy students from around the world at our conference.

About the author
Patrick Tucker is the senior editor of THE FUTURIST magazine and director of communications for the World Future Society.

I am from india. Would i be

I am from india. Would i be given assistance to travel if i have an accepted proposal