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5 Future Forecasts to Change the World

When I tell people that I'm a technology futurist and a philosopher, the first thing they ask is "what's a technology futurist?"

I usually reply that I use current scientific research to imagine how we will live in the future.  The very next question is always "So what are your top predictions for our future?"

I have talked extensively about my forecasts for the future but I have never written down a list of my top future forecasts until now. New years day seems like the perfect moment. These are my top 5 future forecasts for the World from 2014-2040.

Recon Jet: Worlds Most Advanced Wearable Computer

Recon Jet is a new wearable computer being introduced by Recon Industries. Several companies are pushing this new wave of wearable technology including , Google Glass and a design by Takahito Iguchi called Telepathy One.

James Martin: Futurologist (1933-2013)

Futurologist James Martin has been found dead at the age of 79 in the waters of the Great Sound near his Agar's Island home.

Star Trek Into Darkness: Eye Candy For The Amygdala


Star Trek Into Darkness: Eye candy for the amygdala. Yes, this is another Hollywood blockbuster depicting a dystopian future with big explosions and small innovations. However, the first ten minutes are worth the price of the ticket. I was pleasantly surprised to see J.J. Abrams using the Ancient Aliens theory and a huge wink to author Zecharia Sitchin's work in the opening scene located on the fictional (depending on who you ask) world of Nibiru.

Interconnection and Crossroads: Labor Pains of a New Worldview


Interconnection in the future is unavoidable and undeniable. A new film called Crossroads: Labor Pains of a New Worldview offers a fresh perspective on the future of human experience. What I love about this film is that it challenges us to think about personal responsibility and interconnection. Instead of blaming an outside source for our problems this movie challenges us to look at ourselves and to our interconnection as a source of change.


EEG headsets (Electroencephalography) work by collecting electrical activity from the scalp. They measure voltage fluctuations resulting from ionic current flows within the brain and use this electrical activity to communicate with your computer, apps and other devices.

World Technology Summit and Awards 2012

I had the good fortune to attend The World Technology Summit and Awards 2012. This year's event was held at the Time - Life Building in NYC on October 22nd and 23rd.  The conference started with a welcoming remark from Damian Slattery, Executive Director of Integrated Marketing at Time Magazine. Slattery pointed out that “TIME is not a magazine, it is a dashboard."  He was highlighting how companies and organizations are changing and morphing into complex platforms with new digital extensions. These extensions include web, social, smartphone apps and new technologies that are multilayered.

The Simulated Universe: Future Posthuman Curiosity

We assume that what we taste, smell, feel and see in our world are all "real'' experiences.  However, physicists are now saying that we may be able to find proof that we are really living inside a simulation. This unbelievable theory is not a new concept. The MatrixPlato's Allegory of the Cave , The Brain in a Vat Theory, and the Simulacra and Simulation are just a few examples of this theory told from different perspectives.

Transient Technologies: Dissolvable and Eco-Friendly Electronics


Planned obsolescence has caused an enormous amount of damage to our environment around the world.

From plastics floating "islands" in our seas, to mountains of  discarded computers and cell phones. E-waste has become a huge 21st-century issue and it will only continue if we do not do something to stop it.

NASA: Past Visions of Future Space Travel


As we say goodbye to Endeavour and look to the future of space travel in the US and around the world, we wanted to take a moment to admire the futurist concepts that inspired NASA's space shuttle program.

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