Who Will Control Tomorrow’s Digital World?

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Interviewer:  What happens in a digital world where there are countries that fear free speech, that fear the power of individuals? How do we navigate through that?

Dan Abelow:  The question of governments that want to control — like China with speech and thought and what people are able to do — is part of the Expandiverse.

It can go several directions.
Patented inventor Dan Abelow describes one of the ways individuals will gain more control as tomorrow’s digital world arrives.
The most basic direction is, if I can shape my own reality, my own Shared Spaces, I not only can keep certain things in, I can keep other things out.

In each of my Shared Spaces I control whether it is public, private or secret. I control its boundaries — what I let in and what’s blocked and kept out. I control which continuous connections it includes — which people, services, places, tools, resources and entertainment  are always on and part of it.

It will be normal to have different Shared Spaces for family, work, projects, friends or anything I want. There are lots of ways to enjoy life and I can have similar or different kinds of interests and boundaries for each of my Shared Spaces.

The Expandiverse also includes multiple identities, because we haven't defeated death through medical science. The Expandiverse defeats death by adding multiple digital lives, in parallel, within our one lifetime. I will control who I am, so I can explore different ways to develop my skills and potentials.

In the future my most powerful controls will be whether I want to live one or more lives, which Shared Spaces I choose to be in, and how often I flip between my identities and Spaces.

I will be the one who decides my digital life — actually, my digital lives.

How is government going to apply its rules and laws to me when it doesn't even know which reality I'm in? When it actually figures that out, by then I’ve moved on to a different Shared Space, and I’ve changed several times.

Each of my Shared Spaces has its own set of “rules” — as I define them.

Control in the Expandiverse shifts to each person.

Once people have control, governments will still have certain kinds of control. But our digital future will include other kinds of control that are person-based, not government-based.

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Dan Abelow is an American inventor, author, speaker and technology
consultant. His latest patent-pending invention, the Expandiverse, is new technology to build tomorrow’s digital world today. Dan’s patents are licensed by over 500 corporations that include Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung Electronics and many other leaders. He holds degrees from Harvard and the Wharton School. Get connected with Dan at www.expandiverse.com or on Twitter @danabelow


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