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The Yearning Annex: Google Commits Millions for Robot Cult Indoctrination in Plutocratic Venture-Capitalist Dystopia


Their prose was all purple, there were VCs running everywhere, tryin' to profit from destruction, you know we didn't even care.

Futurology's Shortsighted Foresight on AI

The idea of a ban on "existentially-risky" artificial intelligence -- a term which is concerned with quite a lot of stuff that isn't or wouldn't be intelligent -- is momentarily very much in the news right now (or what passes for news in the illiterate advertorial pop-tech press) due to a recent Open Letter from the Future of Life Institute --

The Inevitable Cruelty of Algorithmic Mediation


On Christmas Eve, Eric Meyer posted a devastating personal account reminding us of the extraordinary cruelty of the lived experience of ever more prevailing algorithmic mediation.

Techbro Mythopoetics


In an enjoyable and widely-read rant, sf-critic Charlie Jane Anders recently declared herself Tired of "The Smartest Man in the Room" science fiction trope. Her delineation of the stereotype should be immediately legible. Futurologists, are you and do you really want to be that guy?

Eric Garner and the Cop Cam Sham


Once again we are confronted with another miscarriage of justice as another police officer kills another unarmed black citizen the police are supposed to serve and protect. And once again calls are ringing out on all sides to install more cameras: cameras on police cars, cameras on the street, cameras on the bodies of cops on the beat.

What Is the Futurological?


The futurological in my sense of the term is an ideological formation; it is essentially a marketing discourse amplifying the profits and authority of incumbent elites by mobilizing seductive and reassuring techno-transcendental wish-fulfillment fantasies in the form of unaccountable, apparently p

Transcending the Lawnmower Man


Johnny Depp's new film Transcendence has had futurist fandoms in a lather for months.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love the Tweet


For a long time, I was a crusty critic of twitter, I would now say wrongheadedly so.



In a recent conference promoting not only their latest gizmos but their company's animating vision as well, Google executives declared they were working toward a future in which technology "disappears," "fades into the background," becomes more "intuitive and anticipatory." Commenting on this apparently "bizarre mission for a tech company," Bianca Bosker warns that their genial and enthusiastic promotional language masks Google's aspiration to omnipresence via invisibility, an effort to render us dependent and uncritical of their prevalence through its marketing as easy, intuitive, companionable.

Peter Thiel Against Hollywood Against "The Future"


According to The Hollywood Reporter, celebrity tech CEO Peter Thiel is upset that movies like The Matrix and Avatar make technological innovation seem "destructive and dysfunctional."

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