Beer Under Threat from Climate Change

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April 19, 2014 - Watch what happens when beer drinkers around the world find out that because of climate change a pint of their favorite beer and ale may cost much more, and taste different as well.

One of Canada's Biggest Banks Looks at the Economics of Weather Events

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The Toronto-Dominion Bank, currently vying for the number one position in Canada, and a growing player in the United States, issued on April 14 a special report, Natural Catastrophes: A Canadian Economic Perspective. The document doesn't directly talk about climate change but it is inferred throughout. Instead, it talks about "weather conditions" and their socioeconomic impact.

Mars Rover Gets Spring Dusting on Mars - Embarks on Two Year Trek

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Opportunity, the little Martian rover, continues to click after a decade on the planet's surface. It is a remarkable story that the technology continues to function providing new discoveries for scientists here on Earth. Opportunity's original mission along with its companion, Spirit, was for 90 days.

The Future of Biometric Identification and Authentication

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Biometrics has been hailed by some as a wonderful way of determining someone’s identity, and by others as a security mechanism that is far too easy to spoof. I generally fall in the second category. I don’t mind using it for simple unimportant things like turning on my tablet, on which I keep nothing sensitive, but so far I would never trust it as part of any system that gives access to my money or sensitive files.

Transcending the Lawnmower Man


Johnny Depp's new film Transcendence has had futurist fandoms in a lather for months.

Pee in Space is Not Only Useful for Drinking Water but also for Fuel

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April 17, 2014 - Yesterday my blog posting focused on NASA's efforts to involve the public in designing better oxygen recovery systems.

The Past, Present and Future of the Universe

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The first rigorous mathematical proof that the Big Bang could have spontaneously generated from nothing may transform our understanding of the universe's past, present and future.

Digital Boundaries: Construct the Life You Want

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Now that most of our waking hours are spent using screens we’re visibly migrating into a digital world. Like other immigrants we want and expect better lives. New digital boundaries will let us step through the looking glass, control what’s on our screens and construct the digital lives we want — in a digital world that eliminates today’s limits.

Headlines: NASA Seeks Better Oxygen Recovery Systems for Spaceflights

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Historically, one of the biggest challenges faced by both Soviet and U.S. space programs is related to keeping the air inside spacecraft breathable. The future of human activity in space requires a better solution. In its latest initiative, NASA, the American space agency, hopes to achieve a better recovery system for recycling oxygen that exceeds 75% recovery.

Travel Recommendation: World Future 2014 “What if?”

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I often do book recommendations. Seemed like time for a bit of a travel recommendation. This one is especially for science fiction writers and fans.

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