All World Future Society members receive:

The Futurist. This lively, bimonthly magazine brings you a wealth of forecasts and new ideas about the future. Each issue covers the gamut of important trends that are shaping your future--technology, social change, values, environment, economics, lifestyles, and much more. Feature articles and news items are clearly written to help you make sense of the juggernaut of changes affecting your family, your job, your community--your future!

Outlook. An annual report offering members selected forecasts that can help them anticipate events of the future.

Conferences. The Society organizes one major conference each year plus occasional smaller meetings. Both large and small conferences provide members with opportunities for face-to-face meetings with distinguished scholars, leaders, and experts from around the world. Meetings held in Toronto, Chicago, San Francisco, and Washington, and elsewhere have drawn thousands of participants to discuss a wide range of questions and hear proposals for solutions to the problems the world faces. Members receive special notices about upcoming conferences, as well as discounts on registration costs.

If, at any time, you are not 100% delighted with your introductory membership in the World Future Society, you may cancel your membership and get a full refund; even after receipt of your last issue of THE FUTURIST. We'll promptly send you a complete refund — not a prorated refund, but every penny you've paid, whether you've joined us for one year or two. And you may keep everything we've sent you, all the issues and free gifts you've received, with our compliments just for giving us a try.

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Special New-Member Benefits

In addition to regular member benefits, new World Future Society members will receive four FREE reports on trends shaping our world and how to think about them. New members also receive "The Art of Foresight," an eight-page guide on how to study the future, and Futurist Update, a monthly e-mail newsletter.

Dues for regular membership are $79 per year.

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Student Membership

All full-time students under the age of 25 are now eligible to receive full regular membership benefits for just $20 per year.

Parents, grandparents, teachers, counselors, and other adults are also encouraged to enroll young futurists at the student rate.

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Subscription to THE FUTURIST Magazine

Regular and Student Membership is limited to individuals. Libraries and other institutions and individuals who choose not to be members of the World Future Society, may subscribe to THE FUTURIST for $89 per year.

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Professional Membership

The Professional Membership program was established by the World Future Society to meet the special needs of Society members who are professionally involved in futures-related activities. Its purpose includes:

  • Strengthening the capabilities of these members so they can more effectively carry out their professional responsibilities.
  • Providing opportunities for individuals involved in futures studies to share ideas as a group.
  • Identifying people actively engaged in the field so they can be made known to business, government agencies, and educational institutions seeking professional assistance.

Professional Membership is a special program for members who are involved in futures research, forecasting, corporate or institutional planning, issues management, technology assessment, policy analysis, urban and regional planning, and related areas. Professional Members include educators, government and business leaders, researchers, think-tank members, corporate planners, and others involved in the study of the future.

Each year, Professional Members Forums are held to bring together those actively working on future-oriented research or projects. These forums feature some of the top thinkers in futures studies, presented in a small-group setting that allows for plenty of interaction. Attendance is limited to Professional Members.

Recent forums have been held in Toronto, Boston, Vancouver, Chicago, and Washington D.C.

All Professional Members of the World Future Society receive:

  • A subscription to World Future Review, the Society's professional journal. An international editorial board referees all articles for this unique publication, which covers a wide range of futures-relevant subjects.
  • Invitations to the annual Professional Members Forums.
  • All benefits of regular membership in the World Future Society, including a subscription to THE FUTURIST, the Society's bimonthly magazine on the future; discounts on books and other products; and the Society's yearly "Outlook" report of selected forecasts from THE FUTURIST, and Futurist Update a monthly e-mail newsletter.

Dues for Professional Membership are $295 per year ($195 for members from academic and nonprofit organizations).

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Life Membership

The World Future Society's Life Membership program allows individual members to make a one-time dues payment of $950, and thereafter receive all privileges of regular membership in the Society without paying annual dues. A life membership will express your personal confidence in the future. Your special support of the World Future Society will also help to build a better future for everyone. As a life member you will avoid future increases in annual dues, whether caused by inflation or by improved membership benefits. You will also help the Society to establish a working capital fund to improve its programs.

Dues for a regular life membership are $950. For a life professional membership, the cost is $2,950.

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Institutional Membership

The World Future Society's Institutional Membership program helps business firms, educational institutions, government agencies, associations, and other groups to participate in the Society's activities to a greater extent than would be possible with an individual membership alone. It is a program for organizations that would like to stay current with future-oriented literature and maintain a source for special information and contacts in the futures field.

Equally important, institutional members, through their dues, support the work of the World Future Society and thereby contribute to a reasoned awareness of the future and the importance of its study. Institutional members play a crucial role in making sure that the Society can continue to support futurism and the study of the future.

Institutional Members receive:

  • Publications. A complete set of Society publications, including THE FUTURIST magazine, Futurist Update monthly e-newsletter, and World Future Review, plus any books, monographs, conference proceedings, special reports, or other publications of the Society during the year of the membership.
  • Web access. Institutional members receive full access to, including THE FUTURIST and World Future Review and their archives, for up to 20 qualifying team members.
  • Invitations. Your organization will receive invitations to all Society meetings and conferences, including Professional Members Forums and other special activities. The Member rates for all events will be extended to up to 20 qualifying team members of your organization.
  • Discounts. Special discounts on bulk purchases of Society publications are available for institutional members. These discounts offer significant savings on materials that are important to your organization.
  • Promotional consideration. Institutional members receive preferential rates for advertising and promotional opportunities. (Contact World Future Society business manager Jeff Cornish,, for details.)
  • Contacts. Institutional membership will help your organization to establish valuable contacts with other professionals and organizations. The Society also provides help to institutional members in locating sources of information, consultants, and speakers for conferences and meetings, getting information tailored specifically to the organization's needs.
  • Recognition. Inclusion in the Society's list of institutional members published on the Society's Web site and annually in THE FUTURIST will show your organization's support for futures research.

Dues for Institutional Members are $450 per year for nonprofit organizations and $850 per year for businesses.

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