About WFS

The World Future Society is an organization of people dedicated to exploring the future. Since its establishment more than 40 years ago, the Society and THE FUTURIST magazine have endeavored to do one thing and to excel at it and that is to serve as a neutral clearinghouse of ideas on the future. Our mission is to enable thinkers, political personalities, scientists and lay-people to share an informed, serious dialogue on what the future will be like. We do this in two principal ways.

We hold events and meetings every year. Previous attendees at the World Future Society's annual conference have included future U.S. President Gerald Ford, Tennessee’s then-senator and future U.S. Vice President Al Gore Jr., scientist and inventor Buckminster Fuller, Sen. Edward Kennedy, pioneering feminist author Betty Friedan, U.S. Comptroller General David. M. Walker, and scientist and inventor Ray Kurzweil.

The second way we inform the public, and our members, about events or trends that are relevant to the future is through our publications such as THE FUTURIST magazine, which is available on newsstands coast to coast.

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