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Tomorrow in Brief
Raising Saltwater Fish Far from Oceans
Word Watch: Ecoflation
Saving South America’s Vicuña
Producing Artificial Skin, Factory-Style
Nano-sized Additive Strengthens Concrete


Consultants and Services





Wild Cards in Our Future
In the January 2009 issue of Futurist Update, the World Future Society’s free e-newsletter, we invited readers to submit their ideas of “wild cards” that futurists need to be looking at critically right now. This special report showcases a few of the responses. Free PDF

How "Wild Cards" May Reshape Our Future
By John L. Petersen
The Disappearance of Food: The Next Global Wild Card?
By John Rockefeller
A Wild Card Sampler
By Brian Pomeroy
Are Market Economies Imploding?
By Marc Blasband
Artificial Intelligence Displaces Service Workers
By Steve Malerich
Sunspots and a Communications Catastrophe
By Dennis Miner


Looking Toward the Future in the Midst of Economic Uncertainty
By Martin Wolf
A Financial Times columnist looks at challenges facing the global economy and how the actions of governments could improve the situation—or worsen it. PDF


Synthesis: An Interdisciplinary Discipline
By Bruce L. Tow and David A. Gilliam
As the professional world becomes more and more specialized, it’s time for today’s—and tomorrow’s— leaders to embrace a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving.




Own Your Own Island Nation
By Thomas Frey
Who says they’ve stopped making real estate? One futurist explores the ultimate start-up: the private country. PDF.

PLUS: The Build Your Own Nation Expert Advice Center
he Case for Micronations and Artificial Islands
By McKinley Conway

New Lands in the Twenty-First Century
By Erwin S. Strauss

 A Mini-History of Micronations
By George Dunford

Your Solar-Powered Future: It’s Closer Than You Thought
By James M. Higgins
Solar energy may soon power our homes, office buildings, automobiles, and iPods

Future View: Forecasts in Hindsight
By Cynthia G. Wagner The managing editor of THE FUTURIST reflects on issues that mattered in the past—and that still matter today.

Increasing Mental Fitness
In Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain, Harvard Medical School psychiatrist John Ratey gives the majority of Americans and the 60% of the world’s people who do not exercise enough for good health even more reason to get off their duffs and start moving. Ratey effectively summarizes recent research and case histories to show that exercise is good for you mentally as well as physically — a regular exercise program can literally heal a troubled mind. Review by Kenneth W. Harris

Rehabilitating Terrorists
Saudi government uses unconventional methods to fight extremism.

No College Student Left Behind?
Educators propose a new method to measure undergraduates'' progress.
Stalking Goes High Tech

Nuclear Power’s Costs
Decommissioning plants presents a challenge.
Recession and Labor-Force Growth?


Last-Resort Solutions to Global Warming
Geoengineering the planet to stave of disaster
By Jamais Cascio

Singularity University Set to Open
Silicon Valley VIPs open school to study technology trends
Smarter Smart Phones

Healthy People, Healthy Communities
Good health, like good real-estate, is about 'l'ocation, location, location."


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